Plant a Tree Gift Tags

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 This product plants a tree! Learn more.
Plant a Tree Gift Tags

Have you ever thought, "I wish I could make this gift really special?" Well now you CAN! By adding this simple tag, you can plant an 18" - 24" native shade, fruit, flowering or evergreen TREE with your gift automatically! This is the easiest way to make your gift that much more special! Here is how it works:
  • Purchase one or more of the gift tags.
  • Attach to your gifts with the included natural jute string.
  • Watch how excited your recipient is when they realize what you have done for them!
  • That's it! No, really that's it! With your gift tag purchase, the tree will be planted in the US or Central America by our non-profit tree planting partners!
Your recipient can enter their special code on our website to register the tag so they can stay in the loop with their tree plantings. They can also do a virtual tour of the tree planting nurseries!

Each gift tag is 2.25" x 4" and is printed on recycled and 100% replanted paper.

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