Advice from a Garden Journal


Advice from a Garden Journal

The simple wisdom of Advice from a Garden graces this beautifully designed product. The experience of reconnecting with our roots can be enriching and helpful in living our highest and truest nature. The journal begins with the complete Advice From A Garden poem, and then lines of the poem are interspersed throughout. Our journal is spiral bound to lay flat for easy writing. Printed on 128 pages of wonderful color-flecked recycled and 100% replanted paper. Size 7" x 8.5". Save $2.95 EACH when you order the quantity pack.

Each journal says:
  • Take thyme for yourself
  • Cultivate lasting friendships
  • Turn mistakes into rich compost
  • Use common scents
  • Always dew your best
  • Listen to sage advice
  • Plant seeds of kindness
  • Be outstanding in your field
  • Dig life's...
  • earth rich colors, early morning light,
  • long shadows and deep roots
  • Take walks in the sun to ripen your ideas
  • Enjoy the fruits of your labors
  • Grow your dreams in fertile soil
  • Keep smiling when problems Turnip
  • Never squash others good ideas
  • or beet around the bush
  • Celebrate the gifts of your true nature
  • The grass is greener here
  • Harvest wisdom
  • Trust in the cosmos
  • Stay rooted in love
  • No vining!

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