The Wilderness I Am

I am a dedicated preservationist
Committed to protect and preserve
And live my wide wild open spaces
To unravel and unwind
The politics of my doubt and fear
I grasp the power of my nature
The wildness and beauty that i am
The chariot of my fire and passion
Rides upon the winds of my soul
And solitude
The powerful and raging rivers
Of my blood roar through my body
With joy and aliveness
It is this wilderness i am
Exquisite pristine unique
The spring summer fall and winters
Of my life connect me with
The sacred circle
I am the soaring red-tail hawk
On circling canyon winds
I am the guardian redwood
The wild horse
And thunder on the plains
You are dedicated preservationists
Committed to protect and preserve
And stand up for what you believe
For those things that you cannot
And will not live without
It is this wilderness you are
Incredible gifted stunning
You are the solid majestic mountains
Reaching to the sky
You are the thawing snow
Melting away temporary resistance
You are the expansive opening glacier lily
And the falcon of swift grace
And determination
We are all dedicated preservationists
Committed to protect and preserve
the irreplaceable beauty of this earth
To work together to
Unravel and unwind anything
And everything that stands in our way
And to proudly share our most
Precious gifts
It is this wilderness we are
Extraordinary brilliant powerful
We are the deeply rooted strength
Of the oak
Drawing our nourishment
From water and sky
We are lakes silvery reflection
On moonlit nights
We are the millions of butterflies
Remembering our migration routes
And we are
The call of the earth

June 1999 - Nederland, CO
Ilan Shamir  

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