Advice from a River Journal

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Advice from a River Journal

The simple wisdom of Advice from a River graces this beautifully designed product. Follow the natural flow of the river or relax to the sounds of a small brook. The journal begins with the complete Advice From A River poem, and then lines of the poem are interspersed throughout. Our journal is spiral bound to lay flat for easy writing. Printed on 136 pages of wonderful color-flecked recycled and 100% replanted paper. Size 7" x 8.5". 
Each journal says:

Advice from a River
  • Dear friend,
  • Go with the flow
  • Be thoughtful of those downstream
  • Slow down and meander
  • Follow the path of least resistance for rapid success
  • Immerse yourself in nature, trickling streams, roaring waterfalls, sparkles of light dancing on water
  • Delight in life's adventures around every bend
  • Let difficulties stream away
  • Live simply and gracefully in your own true nature moving, flowing, allowing, serene and on course
  • It takes time to carve the beauty of the canyon
  • Rough waters become smooth
  • Go around the obstacles
  • Stay current
  • The beauty is in the journey!
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