Comfort and peace; the embrace of familiarity. She is the wise direction for your personal heartache, a non-judging ear to listen, a warm presence. A mother looks different to everyone, be it physical body or a piece of nature. Some are born to a mother who walks with them as they grow, others find that figure in another woman in their life (aunt, grandma, sister, teacher, etc.); and still others find that wisdom in the beauty of nature. Her heart is one of nurturing protection and fierce love. Even mothers who have passed still hold a presence in our hearts and lives. Her lessons reverberating through our minds as we carry on each day. Many women who don’t bear a child can be considered a mother. She cares for children and campaigns for their futures.

In nature, we see this in the many animal moms as they defend their young. We also see it in Mother Nature herself. She is a refuge, encouraging us to adventure and breathe deeply her peace. We can sit in her beauty and pour out our hearts. Just like a genetic mother, she appreciates when we spend time with her and honor the sacrifices she makes for us. She nurtures us with fresh air to breathe and a solitude to renew our hope. As we must respect our own mothers, we also should respect Mother Nature. She is the key to a brightening what could be a very bleak world. Imagine the absence of trees, lakes, rivers, or a wilderness to regenerate our technological minds in. Nature is our right to clean air and a place to find a peaceful break.

This Mother’s Day, honor the mom’s in your life and also honor Mother Nature; for they are both deserving of your time and respect. If you can, spend time with both; and soak in the endless wisdom they have to offer. 

Mother Advice from Nature:

"Stand Your Ground." Buffalo

"Let Your Spirit Soar." Eagle

"Stay focused." Owl

"When life gets hairy, grin and bear it." Bear

"Be Good to Your Mother." Earth