A Recipe for National Camping Month

June is National Camping Month, a 4 week celebration of hiking boots and roasted marshmallows. Whether it’s hiking deep into the woods to a remote campsite, or driving to a campground already set up for you; camping is what you make of it. Planning and checklists are a major part of ensuring you bring everything you need, from chocolate to bug spray; but once in the serenity of camp, the recipe is yours to do what you will with.

What wisdom will you hear as you watch the sun set in all its orange glory, and observe the campfire dance under the starry night? Will you allow yourself to observe all that Nature wants to teach you?

In celebration of National Camping Month we will share some of nature's wisdom, that can be found when you camp in the great outdoors.

The Wisdom of Camping


Hit the Trail and heed its advice: “Pack life with good memories.


Lean against the rugged bark of a Tree and: “Breathe Deep”


Set up by the River and let its advice to: “Immerse yourself in Nature,” flow through you.


 Throw a pole in that river, and listen to the Trout you hook when he says: “Scale back.”


As you try to save your food from a Chipmunk he may chirp at you to: “Plan ahead.”


All the set-up is done, so sit and watch the Sunset. It reminds you to: “Savor special moments.”


Sitting around the Campfire with your friends and family, the flames sing to you: “Bring people together.”


The peace of the Night Sky is like a tent over your head, a comforting reminder that when life gets you down, you must: “Keep looking up.”


Packing up camp, you look in the distance at the towering Mountain, reminded to: “Savor life’s peak experiences.” You keep looking back, wanting to take it all in, so the memories will stay as you return to busy life.


The Sun beats down as you travel home, brightening your day. Its order to you is to always: “Renew your energy.” You feel the tug to return to camp sooner than later.


The tires spin and the pavement passes underneath you. A realization of what the Wilderness has taught you takes hold. In the chaos and heartbreak of this world, you have to remember to have that child-like awe in the little things and simply “Be taken by wonder.”


Go camping this month and think about the things that are the most valuable in your life; and how you can enrich them. Renew your energy, find new strength, and allow yourself to let things go.

Happy Camping Month!!