The United Nations designated March 21 to be International Day of Forests. They did it to raise awareness about the importance of all forests and trees to future generations. It's estimated that 32 million acres of forests are lost each year, along with all the plants that inhabit it. This day is meant to provide a platform to raising awareness of the importance of forests and trees to sustaining the human race. Here are some facts from

  • Wood fuel provides 40% of today's global renewable energy supply (as much as solar, hydroelectric, and wind power combined).
  •  About 50 percent of global wood production (around 1.86 billion cubic meters) is used as energy for cooking, heating, and electricity generation. For 2.4 billion people, wood fuel means a cooked and more nutritious meal, boiled water, and a warm dwelling.
  •  Almost 900 million people, mostly in developing countries, are engaged in the wood-energy sector on a part- or full-time basis.
  •  Strategically placed trees in urban areas can cool the air by between 2 to 8 degrees C.
  •  Globally, forests hold an energy content approximately 10 times that of the world’s annual primary energy consumption. They thus have significant potential as renewable resources to meet global energy demand.
  •  By investing in technological innovation and in sustainable managed forests, is key to increasing forests' role as a major source of renewable energy. Sustainable household and community woodlots, with the use of clean and efficient wood stoves can give millions more people in developing countries access to cheap, reliable and renewable energy.

Their hopes, when they created International Day of Forests is that communities would get together to do activities and brainstorm ideas on how they can contribute to the renewal of forests. For example a tree planting get together each year, where a community plants trees or even educational forums.

At Your True Nature, we are always looking for ways to give back to the planet including planting trees. In fact our company was founded because of Advice from a Tree. For each 217 pounds of recycled paper we use, we plant 10 tree seedlings via Trees, Water, and People; and if we use non-recycled paper, we plant 20 trees to replace what we use. We are a 100% replanted company and have planted over 100,000 trees through the organization 100% Replanted. Learn more about how you can be a part of replanting trees and in turn change the future of our forests:

"When you plant a tree you grow a friend, a friend you'll have for life!" Sheldon Sands

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