Advice from a Mule Hanging Wood Sign


This special friend of nature shares its timely advice and heart-ticking wisdom!

Advice from a Mule
  • Be sure-footed
  • Follow your path
  • Work hard
  • Pack life with good memories
  • Go slow and steady
  • It's OK to be a little stubborn
  • Get a kick out of life!


Grand Canyon National Park
Grand Canyon, established as a national park in 1919, is a truly powerful and inspiring landscape. Its immense size of 277 miles of the Colorado River, up to 18 miles wide, and a mile deep is truly one of nature's amazing wonders. Colorful rock layers record much of the early geological history of the North American continent.
These rustic wood signs are made of a pressed wood with an overlay of the original "Advice" in full color! These will surely be a hit in your entryway, kitchen, bathroom or any room of the house.

Size is 5" x 10" and hangs by attached jute string.

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